ICCS Colloquy 2006

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ICCS Colloquy 2006

Peter Schreiner

Religion, Citizenship and Education; Klingenthal, 16 to 20 October 2006

Colloquy on Religion, Citizenship and Education which took place at at the Château de Klingenthal from 16 to 20 October 2006

The title of our second CoGREE colloquy at the Château de Klingenthal was Religion, Citizenship and Education. The aim was to look at current concerns in the Council of Europe and to relate them to the work of confessional and non confessional organisations and practitioners working in the field of religious education. During our earlier colloquy, held in the autumn of 2004, we had looked at culture and education for citizenship and at what a better understanding of religion can contribute to education as a whole.

In the European context there had been a "political" decision to treat religion in the school curriculum as primarily a cultural issue. It was useful, therefore, to examine the contribution of religion in preparing young people for citizenship. As citizens we must understand the predominant culture, minority traditions and our own role as citizens with rights and duties.

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